Family Tree featuring :
Hadley,  Jeffreys, Williams, Swann, Gameson.

Welcome to our family tree page. The tree is split into different sections in order to simplify the layout and the links below will lead up in the direction of the quoted surnames.
The Welsh tree, Jeffreys, and Williams.  This tree has been researched mainly by Mr John Gameson (my uncle) and features extensive links back through the Welsh side of the family, and includes a link to William Williams - Pantycelyn (1717-1791)
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The English tree, following back the Hadley family.  There are two proposed explanations of the origin of the surname Hadley. One is that it is people who came from one of several places in England called Hadleigh which means heather covered clearing or the second is that they came from Hadley (Headda's Clearing) in Worcestershire in England. As the early Hadley's featured came from around Lulsley in Worcestershire it seems this suggestion is plausible. Find Lulsley using this link to UK Streetmaps.

A second English tree, tracing the familys of  Swann, and Pollard  who came from Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire

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